Serious Incident Framework

April 29, 2015

Source:  NHS England

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Date of publicationMarch 2015

Publication type:  News item

In a nutshell: The revised Serious Incident Framework from NHS England provides renewed guidance to help organisations respond to serious incidents appropriately.

Length of Publication:  1 web page

NICE guidance supports use of a device to visualise the airway in emergencies and improve patient safety

August 29, 2013

Source:  National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

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Date of publication:  July 2013

Publication type:  News item

In a nutshell:  NICE has published guidance to support the use of a device to help health professionals keep patients’ airways open when unexpected problems occur during procedures. The guidance advises that Ambu aScope2 can help health professionals when there are unexpected difficulties in positioning a temporary tube to keep the airway open, and emergency action is needed to maintain the airway. A thin, single-use, flexible endoscope, Ambu aScope2 uses video camera technology to help health professionals see the windpipe clearly.

Length of Publication:  1 web page

How to guide to the five steps to safer surgery

January 28, 2011

Source: National Reporting and Learning Service

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Date of publication: December 2010

Publication type: Guidance

In a nutshell: This guide is to be used in the surgery setting by staff involved in the implementation of the Surgical Safety Checklist.  The aim is to build on non-technical skills and existing learning, to improve patient outcomes and healthcare efficienty

Length of publication: 38 pages

Acknowledgement: National Patient Safety Agency

New Insulin Safety Guidance Issued to Reduce Wrong Dosages

July 22, 2010

SourceNational Reporting and Learning Service, National Patient Safety Agency

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Date of publication:  June 2010

Publication type: Guidance

In a nutshell:  Rapid Response Report guidance seeking to reduce the number of wrong dose incidents involving insulin. For immediate action by NHS organisations and the independent sector.

Length of publication:  1 webpage

Acknowledgements:  National Patient Safety Agency

Design for patient safety: A guide to the design of electronic infusion devices

June 9, 2010

Source:  National Reporting and Learning Service

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Date of publication:  March 2010

Publication type:  Report

In a nutshell:   Guidance focused on the safe design of infusion pumps and syringe drivers used in hospital and ambulatory care.

Length of publication:  web page

Acknowledgements:   National Patient Safety Agency