Positive deviance: a different approach to achieving patient safety

December 22, 2014

Source:  BMJ Quality & Safety 23/11 pp.880-3.

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Date of publication:  November 2014

Publication type:  Journal article

In a nutshell: This article argues that a patient safety management system that aims to identify and spread good practice, rather than identify unsafe care and investigate its causes, is more effective in managing and improving patient safety. The positive approach promoted by the article involves following ‘positive deviance’. The article concludes that focusing on negativity sends the wrong message and that healthcare professionals would be better served by receiving positive messages and constructive praise.

Length of Publication:  1 web page

Best practice in the management of epidural analgesia in the hospital setting

January 28, 2011

Source: NHS Evidence Health Management

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Date of publication: November 2010

Publication type: Guidelines

In a nutshell: These guidelines look at best practice in the use of epidural analgesia within hospitals.  The main subjects focused on are continuous influsions, intermittent top-up injections and patient-controlled epidural analgesia (PCEA).  They also look at the features of epidural pain management services.

Length of publication: 15 pages

What every healthcare board needs to understand about patient safety

June 9, 2010

Source: A report from the Good Governance Institute by Andrew Corbett-Nolan and Jonathan Hazan

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Date of publication:  February 2010

Publication type:  Report

In a nutshell: This report considers many issues that contribute to improving the governance of healthcare organisations.

Length of publication:  20 pages

Published by:  Good Governance Institute