‘How Safe is my Hospital’ site launched

July 30, 2014

Source:  EHealth Insider

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Date of publication:  June 2014

Publication type:  News item

In a nutshell:   This news reports on a new section on NHS Choices which will include Trust compliance on ward staffing, incident reporting, pressure ulcers, falls and patient safety. The Department of Health has launched the site, which will enable the public to compare hospitals in England based on a number of safety indicators. The launch is part of the ‘Sign up to Safety’ campaign that aims to save up to 6000 lives over the next three years. The trusts will be ranked according to how openly they are reporting and will be rated as ‘good’, ‘acceptable’ or ‘poor’. As part of the campaign, Jeremy Hunt has also launched a new Safety Action for England team, made of senior clinicians, managers and patients.

Length of Publication:  1 web page

Compliance and use of the World Health Organization checklist in U.K. operating theatres

January 29, 2014

Source:  British Journal of Surgery vol/iss 100/12 pp. 1664-1670

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Date of publication:  November 2013

Publication type:  Journal article

In a nutshell:  The World Health Organization (WHO) Surgical Safety Checklist is reported to reduce surgical morbidity and mortality. It is mandatory in the NHS and hospital audit data show high compliance rates, but direct observation suggests that actual performance may be suboptimal. In this paper, at each operation that was observed, WHO time-out and sign-out attempts were recorded, and the quality of the time-out was evaluated. The authors concluded that meaningful compliance with the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist is much lower than data suggests.

Length of Publication:  7 pages

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Implementation of Patient Safety Alerts

September 28, 2011

Title:  Implementation of Patient Safety Alerts

Source:  AVMA (Action against medical accidents)

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Date of publication: August 2011

Publication type:  Report

In a nutshell:  The report, published by a charity who advocates patient safety and justice, looks at Trust compliance in the implementation of patient safety alerts.  These patient safety alerts are issued by the National Reporting and Learning Service, National Patient Safety Agency and each have a deadline for implementation.  The report especially focuses on the implementation of the ‘Rapid Response Report’ alerts which were given an ‘extra-urgent’ form of alert with tighter deadlines.

Length of publication:  24 pages

NHS trusts put patients’ lives at risk by ignoring safety guidelines.

November 28, 2010

Source:  British Journal of Nursing Vol 19 Iss 17 p1124-1125

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Date of publication:  September 2010

Publication type:  Journal Article

In a nutshell:  This article looks at the recent Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA) report and discusses the role of patient safety alerts in the NHS, and the widespread failure of trusts to follow up on these and ensure compliance.

Length of publication:  1 page

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Acknowledgement:  CINAHL