Improving surgical ward care: development and psychometric properties of a global assessment toolkit

June 25, 2014

Source:  Annals of surgery 259/5 pp. 904-9

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Date of publication:  May 2014

Publication type:  Journal article

In a nutshell:  The authors of this study aimed to develop a toolkit to cover the skills required for effective, safe surgical ward care. A comprehensive evidence-based and expert-derived toolkit was developed. It included a novel clinical checklist for ward care (Clinical Skills Assessment for Ward Care: C-SAW-C); a novel team assessment scale for wards rounds (Teamwork Skills Assessment for Ward Care: T-SAW-C); and a revised version of a physician-patient interaction scale (Physician-Patient Interaction Global Rating Scale: PP-GIS). The toolkit can be used to train and debrief residents’ skills and performance.

Length of Publication:  6 pages

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Experience-based co-design toolkit

December 18, 2013

Source:  The King’s Fund

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Date of publication:  November 2013

Publication type:  Toolkit

In a nutshell:  A new version of the experience-based co-design toolkit – a powerful and effective way to help service providers run and assess their own patient-centred care projects – has been launched. The toolkit incorporates learning and feedback from staff and patients involved in more than 60 EBCD projects, including an important adaptation, the accelerated form of EBCD.

Length of Publication:  1 web page

Improved NHS services through new perspectives: a toolkit for doctors and managers to improve quality for patients

August 31, 2012

Source:  Centre for Innovation in Health Management

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Date of publication: July 2012

Publication type:  Innovation

In a nutshell:  The purpose of this toolkit is to help implement positive changes in NHS Trusts.  It looks at the working relationship between doctors and managers and seeks to make it more productive.

Some important notes:  This toolkit requires free registration in order to access it.

Acknowledgements:  Health Management and Policy Alert

Skills in improving quality, safety, patient experience and value with peers within primary care

July 30, 2012

Source: NHS Commissioning Board

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Date of publication: June 2012

Publication type: Toolkit

In a nutshell:  A list of products, including frameworks and toolkits to help senior teams, individual leaders and whole CCGs to improve patient experience.

New toolkit aims to improve care for frail older people

May 28, 2012

Title:  New toolkit aims to improve care for frail older people

Source:  Royal College of Physicians

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Date of publication:  April 2012

Publication type:  News item

In a nutshell:  This toolkit looks at the care provided to older people admitted through an Acute Medical Unit (AMU).  The toolkit recommends procedures for both the initial assessment on admission and the later Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA).

Length of publication:  1 web page