Patient safety and IT trends

November 25, 2015

Source: Nursing Management 46/11 pp. 24-26

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Date of publication: November 2015

Publication type:  Journal article

In a nutshell: Being able to capture and document patient data at the point of care in an electronic format brings with it many benefits. However, there are inherent risks that come with the use of health information technology that may impact on patient safety and data integrity.  This article discusses how to minimise such risks.

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Another vital step towards keeping patients free from harm

February 26, 2014

Source:  NHS England

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Date of publication:  January 2014

Publication type:  News item

In a nutshell:  The new National Patient Safety Alerting System (NPSAS) has been launched. NPSAS is an important tool that NHS England will use to ensure warnings of potential risks to the safety of patients can be swiftly developed and disseminated to every part of the NHS. The Director of Patient Safety, Dr Mike Durkin, discusses the difference it will make in this news item.

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Review of NHS critical infrastructure risk initiated

December 24, 2012

Source: Department of Health

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Date of publication: December 2012

Publication type: News item

In a nutshell: This letter was sent to NHS organisations who have been invited to participate in the review of the NHS’s recurrent report for of a need for significant investment in maintenance of its facilities. This is intended to eliminate ‘critical risks’ to the safety of patients, visitors and staff; and the resilience of its services.

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Improving practice and reducing risk in the provision of parenteral nutrition.

February 8, 2012

Source:  Royal Pharmaceutical Society

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Date of publicationNovember 2011

Publication type:  Report

In a nutshell:  This report looks at parenteral nutrition and how to reduce the risk to neonates and children. 

Length of publication:  37 pages