New focus on patient safety sees compliments double at A&E unit

August 27, 2014

Source:  The Guardian

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Date of publication:  July 2014

Publication type:  News item

In a nutshell:   The number of compliments from patients about their care at the A&E department at Princess Alexandra hospital NHS trust in Harlow has doubled. Some 95% of patients would recommend the department to family and friends and the department has seen the number of serious patient incidents fall from eight, two years ago, to zero in the last 12 months. The statistics demonstrate the success of the department’s transformation in the last year and reflect a change in culture where patient safety comes first. The A&E now has its first nurse practitioner who can take serious cases including patients with chest or abdominal pain who previously would have been seen by doctors. There is now a consultant in the department 16 hours every day because more emergency consultants have been taken on.

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NICE guidance supports use of a device to visualise the airway in emergencies and improve patient safety

August 29, 2013

Source:  National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

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Date of publication:  July 2013

Publication type:  News item

In a nutshell:  NICE has published guidance to support the use of a device to help health professionals keep patients’ airways open when unexpected problems occur during procedures. The guidance advises that Ambu aScope2 can help health professionals when there are unexpected difficulties in positioning a temporary tube to keep the airway open, and emergency action is needed to maintain the airway. A thin, single-use, flexible endoscope, Ambu aScope2 uses video camera technology to help health professionals see the windpipe clearly.

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Focus on: emergency and urgent care pathway for children and young people

June 28, 2011

Source: NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

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Date of publication: May 2011

Publication type: Guide

In a nutshell: The NHS Institute or Innovation and Improvement are promoting this guide which was published in March 2011.  This guide looks at improving the care children receive when the require emergency and urgent care.

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Some important notes: Registration of the NHS Institute of Improvement and Innovation is requried to access this guide.