Do large-scale hospital- and system-wide interventions improve patient outcomes: a systematic review

October 29, 2014

Source:  BMC Health Services Research 14/1 pp.369

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Date of publication:  September 2014

Publication type:  Journal article

In a nutshell: The authors of this review assessed the impact of hospital and system-wide interventions to improve patient safety. Studies which measured outcomes two years after implementation or more were more likely to show improved outcomes. It was difficult to assess the impact of organisational culture or other determinants. Effective leadership and clinical champions, adequate financial and educational resources and dedicated promotional activities may have a significant impact.

Length of Publication:  1 web page

Safe use of oral bowel-cleansing preparations

April 26, 2013

Source:  Nurs Stand Vol/iss 27/22 pp. 35-8.

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Date of publication:  January-February  2013

Publication type:  Journal article

In a nutshell:  An article stating that good bowel preparation enhances detection of lesions and reduces the need for repeat procedures and delayed diagnosis. It says that knowledge of the potential risks associated with oral bowel-cleansing preparations is necessary to improve patient safety and outcomes.

Length of Publication:  4 pages

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How to guide to the five steps to safer surgery

January 28, 2011

Source: National Reporting and Learning Service

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Date of publication: December 2010

Publication type: Guidance

In a nutshell: This guide is to be used in the surgery setting by staff involved in the implementation of the Surgical Safety Checklist.  The aim is to build on non-technical skills and existing learning, to improve patient outcomes and healthcare efficienty

Length of publication: 38 pages

Acknowledgement: National Patient Safety Agency