Implementing the Safety Thermometer tool in one NHS trust

May 28, 2014

Source:  British Journal of Nursing 13-26 23/5 pp. 268-72

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Date of publication:  March 2014

Publication type:  Journal article

In a nutshell:  The NHS in England introduced the NHS Safety Thermometer to address measurement of patient safety using the Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) scheme. This article discusses the CQUIN scheme and the thinking behind the focus on pressure ulcers, falls in care, catheter use and urinary tract infection, and venous thromboembolism. The implementation of the scheme in a large NHS foundation trust is described together with its effect within the authors’ organisation on harm-free care for their patients.

Length of Publication:  5 pages

Some important notes:  Please contact your local NHS Library for the full text of the article. Follow this link to find your local NHS Library.

The QIPP Safe Care Work Stream: Safety Express

December 22, 2010


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Date of publication: November 2010

Publication type: Article

In a nutshell: This article from AQuA looks at the national improvement programme starting in January 2011, focussing on supporting improvements to deliver ‘no harm care’ to increase  both efficiency and cost savings in four areas:  serious harm from falls, urinary tract infections from catheters, pressure ulcers and Venous Thrombembolism (VTE).

Length of publication: 3 pages

Acknowledgement: Department of Health Workstream: Safe Care