The biggest patient safety initiative in the history of the NHS

February 26, 2014

Source:  NHS England

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Date of publication:  January 2014

Publication type:  Blog item

In a nutshell:  In this blog, Dr Mike Durkin, NHS England National Director of Patient Safety, reflects on a ‘design day’ event that has seen work begin in earnest to create a countrywide network to improve patient safety across England. At the event, 120 leaders and experts in patient safety joined forces to combine their knowledge and experience to begin to shape the future of patient safety collaboratives.

Length of Publication:  1 web page

A process for rapid learning: sharing experiences.

February 8, 2012

Source:  NHS Alliance

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Date of publication: November 2011

Publication type:  Report

In a nutshell:  This report looks at the positive impact of sharing experiences of things going wrong.  10 out of hours providers collaborated to share their experiences online with a view to developing accelerated learning.  10 years on this report looks at the benefits and future improvements.

Length of publication:  8 pages