Our approach to changing the culture of caring for the acutely unwell patient at a large UK teaching hospital: A service improvement focus on Early Warning Scoring tools

May 22, 2015

Source: Intensive & Critical Care Nursing 31/2 pp. 106-15

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Date of publication:  April 2015

Publication type:  Journal article

In a nutshell:  Early Warning Scoring tools have been in place in Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust for over five years but compliance has been low. A service improvement project commenced across all admission wards in 2013. Prior to the project, only one out of five clinical care targets set were achieved. An established framework for service improvement was used to guide delivery. Since introduction of the service improvement team, consistent signs of improvement have been visible across the admission areas in four out of five of the clinical care targets. The first 12 months of the project has seen benefits in patient care and staff experience.

Length of Publication:  10 pages

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Service making pledge on patient safety

August 31, 2012

Source: The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

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Date of publication:   July 2012

Publication type:  News item

In a nutshell:  This news article shows how one hospital is turning around their poor track record, putting patients at the heart of ophthalmology care.  The whole service is being redesigned and the team is working with their local Clinical Commissioning Group to ensure that the re-launched service will improve patient safety.

Understanding the patient safety issues for people with learning disabilities

January 28, 2011

Source: National Reporting and Learning Service, National Patient Safety Agency

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Date of publication: November 2010

Publication type: Guidance

In a nutshell: This report looks at the work the NPSA has done, and is continuing to do to improve the patient safety issues surrounding people with learning disabilities.  It also identifies priority patient safety issues.

Length of publication: 22 pages