Researchers’ roles in patient safety improvement

March 23, 2016

Source:  Journal of Patient Safety 12/1 pp. 25–33

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Date of publication: March 2016

Publication type:  Journal article

In a nutshell:  This article explores how researchers can contribute to patient safety improvement with the aim of expanding the instrumental role researchers have often occupied in relation to patient safety improvement.

The conclusions were that when working side by side with “practice,” researchers are offered and engage in several different activities. The way researchers contribute to patient safety improvement and balance between different roles depends on the purpose of the study, as well as on the underlying patient safety improvement models. Different patient safety research paradigms seem to emphasize different improvement roles, and thus, they also face different challenges. Open reflection on the underlying improvement models and roles can help researchers with different backgrounds—as well as other actors involved in patient safety improvement—in structuring their work and collaborating productively.

Length of publication:  9 pages

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