Berwick review into patient safety

August 29, 2013

Source:  Department of Health

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Date of publication:  August 2013

Publication type:  Report

In a nutshell:  The main problems affecting patient safety in the NHS are highlighted in this report, by Professor Don Berwick, an international expert in patient safety, and there are recommendations made to address them. The report states that the health system must recognise the need for system wide change and insist on the primacy of working with patients and carers to achieve health care goals. It also says that the NHS needs to ensure that the responsibility for functions related to safety and improvement are established clearly and simply.

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A wake up call – lessons from the first major improvement programme

February 28, 2011

Source: The Health Foundation

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Date of publication: 4 February 2011

Publication type: News item

In a nutshell: The Health Foundation looks at their ‘Safer Patient Initiative’,  evaluating the lessons learned from it.  It also looks at the success achieved on ward level, and raising awareness of these issues across the UK.  However, more lessons are to be learned if this is to have an impact at organisation level, and this article highlights some of the ways to achieve this.

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