How sharp are we on safety? An assessment of safer sharps adoption in UK hospitals

November 25, 2015

Source: MindMetre Research

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Date of publication: October 2015

Publication type: Research report

In a nutshell: This report finds that not all NHS trusts are not complying with ‘safer sharps’ rules and, as a result, are continuing to put NHS employees at risk of needle stick injuries and possible blood-borne infections such as hepatitis and HIV.

Length of Publication: 8 pages

Risk of harm from acupuncture treatment including pneumothorax: Signal

November 3, 2011

Source:  National Patient Safety Agency  Reference number: 1324

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Date of publication: September 2011

Publication type:  Alert

In a nutshell:  This alert is was of 8 which were recently released from the NPSA.  It was created to highlight the risks involved with acupuncture, including pneumothorax, needles being left in the patient following treatment, and a lack of clarity regarding the correct emergency procedures to use.    

Length of publication:  1 web page

Some important notes:  A list of all 8 alerts are available on the NPSA website