Situation, background, assessment, and recommendation-guided huddles improve communication and teamwork in the emergency department

December 23, 2015

Source:  Journal of Emergency Nursing 41/6 pp. 484–488

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Date of publication:  October 2015

Publication type:  Journal article

In a nutshell:  A performance-improvement project with the structured processes of a joint patient evaluation and huddle was implemented within a US pediatric emergency department. The following outcomes were measured: presence or absence of joint patient evaluation and SBAR-guided huddle, verbalization of treatment plan, communication, teamwork, and nurse satisfaction. This project showed the feasibility of a simple and inexpensive joint nurse practitioner–registered nurse patient evaluation followed by a structured huddle, which improved communication, teamwork, and nurse satisfaction scores. This performance-improvement project has the potential to enhance efficiency by reducing redundancy, as well as to improve patient safety through the use of structured communication techniques.

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The patient safety culture as perceived by staff at two different emergency departments before and after introducing a flow-oriented working model with team triage and lean principles: a repeated cross-sectional study

August 27, 2014

Source:  BMC Health Services Research 14/1 pp. 296

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Date of publication:  July 2014

Publication type:  Journal article

In a nutshell:  This Swedish study aimed to describe the patient safety culture in an emergency department at two different hospitals before and after a lean quality improvement (QI) project, which aimed to enhance patient safety. Staff completed a questionnaire before and after the intervention. The intervention was associated with improved perceptions of teamwork within both hospitals and across hospital units at one hospital. One of the hospitals also had improved perceptions of communication openness. Physicians were more likely to perceive the changes than other staff.

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Triage and patient safety in emergency departments

November 3, 2011

Source:  BMJ News and Articles

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Date of publication: October 2011

Publication type:  Editorial

In a nutshell:  This editorial discusses overcrowding and the requirement for re-engineering triage models and the patient flow process. There are increased expectations of a 24/7 medical service. Patient safety is put at risk by some new changes.

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