Video transparency: a powerful tool for patient safety and quality improvement

February 24, 2016

Source:  BMJ Quality & Safety

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Date of publication:  February 2016

Publication type:  Journal article

In a nutshell: Video recording is taking centre stage in healthcare as technology increasingly allows it to be feasible and streamlined. Despite some fears that video will be used for the wrong purposes, we anticipate that a growing physician and public demand for accountability will reward hospitals and surgical centres that lead the way in advancing this highly effective tool. Leading academic centres will likely be the first to pioneer video transparency, and many have already started to do so. As the medical community continues to seek high-impact ways of advancing patient safety and quality, implementing videos with feedback represents the next great leap forward.

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Raising and acting on concerns about patient safety

April 30, 2012

Source:  General Medical Council

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Date of publication: Jan 2012

Publication type:  Guidance

In a nutshell:  This guidance focuses how doctors should act where there are concerns regarding patient care, dignity and safety.  It also provides guidance on putting into practice the advice contained in ‘Good Medical Practice’.  The guidance came into effect at the end of March 2012.

Length of publication:  18 pages