Safer Care North East

July 22, 2010

Source:  NHS North East – Patient Safety 

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Date of publication:  May 2010

Publication type:  Strategy

In a nutshell:  This document outlines the patient safety framework “The Safer Care North East – Strategic Framework”, produced by NHS North East Patient Safety Forum, which focuses on a number of patient safety areas including: improvement, leadership and alignment, people, systems and processes, measuring success, ensuring safety.

Length of publication:  1 web page

How postcards that asked four simple questions improved patient feedback on safety

July 22, 2010

SourceNursing Times

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Date of publication:  April 2010

Publication type:  Journal article

In a nutshell:  An article on patient feedback by postcard, the latest measure being adopted to improve hospital experiences.

Length of publication:  3.35 minutes

Some important notes:  Please contact your local NHS Library for the fulltext of the article.  Follow this link to find your local NHS Library.

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