East Cheshire implements iPad safety system

October 1, 2014

Source:  Health Service Journal 1, September 2014

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Date of publication:  September 2014

Publication type:  News item

In a nutshell:  An iPad based system funded by the Nursing Technology Fund is being used by nurses at East Cheshire Trust to monitor patient safety. Macclesfield Hospital has begun recording clinical data electronically on handheld devices at the patients’ bedside, replacing the standard practice of recording observations on a paper chart at the end of the bed. Nurses input vital signs and other clinical observations into the devices, and the “VitalPAC” system automatically calculates a risk score which will alert staff immediately to any deterioration and provide advice on an appropriate response. The system is to be rolled out to all inpatient wards at Macclesfield Hospital.

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NHS England launches Clinical Digital Maturity Index to improve patient safety

November 27, 2013

Source:  NHS England

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Date of publication:  November 2013

Publication type:  News item

In a nutshell:  A benchmarking tool, the Clinical Digital Maturity Index (CDMI has been launched by NHS England and EHI Intelligence. The CDMI allows NHS hospitals to better understand how investing in and using information technology can improve patient safety and outcomes, reduce bureaucracy, and deliver efficiencies. It will help NHS Trusts to see where they are in terms of digital capability and monitor their progress over time. The index is free to all NHS organisations and will help them rate their own technical capabilities, for example, e-prescribing and e-referral, and identify where progress can be made.

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Digital doctors’ notes improve patient safety at Havering hospital

November 3, 2011

Source: Romford Recorder

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Date of publication: October 2011

Publication type: News item

In a nutshell: This news item looks at the innovative new system used at Havering’s hospital trust which recently won a national award for patient safety.  The eHandover system was introduced a year ago to increase the smooth running of handovers and ensure that all the necessary information was communicated.

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Acknowledgement: Romford Recorder