Learning from preventable deaths: exploring case record reviewers’ narratives using change analysis

Source: Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 107/9 pp. 365-75.

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Date of publication:  September 2014

Publication type:  Journal article

In a nutshell: The authors set out to determine if applying change analysis to the narrative reports made by reviewers of hospital deaths in acute NHS Trusts in 2009 increases the utility of this information in the systematic analysis of patient harm. The change analysis approach enabled explicit characterisation of multiple problems in care, both across the admission and also at the boundary between primary and secondary care, and illuminated how these problems accumulate to cause harm. The method was straightforward to apply to multiple records and achieved good inter-rater reliability. Analysis of case narratives using change analysis provided a richer picture of healthcare-related harm than the traditional approach.

Length of Publication:  11 pages

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